Privacy Statement

Snapeas’ Privacy Policy

This is the Snapeas Privacy Policy, intended to tell you what data of or about you we have/use/retain, why we do it, and what we don’t do with it. If you have questions or concerns, write a note and send it to, and we’ll get back to   you.

The data we see and store

Your name, address, and contact information. We need this, of course, to send your book to you after we print it. We keep it around after that to help resolve any problems that might accompany the shipping or later satisfaction with your book. Although we don’t do it now, we might in the future send out an occasional note to entice you to “rebook”. We won’t barrage you with these, if, in fact, we do send   them.

Your book. We keep your book (file) around to be able to reprint it should a mailing get lost or damaged, and to allow you to request a reprint. Right now, that’s an email or a phone call; later we might be able to make it into an online request. Don’t hold your breath. Make a phone call.

How long do we keep the data

At the present time, we have no plans to delete any of it. We need the name/address data to satisfy our tax requirements, and the longer we keep your book, the longer you can get reprints. If you want, we can delete the book. Just   ask.

We never see, and never store

Your credit card or account information. The processes we use for payment never give our app access to this information, and we don’t want it. Apple, Stripe, and PayPal go to great lengths to ensure that no data of this type is retained anywhere, or accessible in  any way. We wouldn’t have it any other  way.

What we don’t do with your  information

We will never release our customer information to another party for any purpose for any price. Well, maybe “any” is too broad, but rest assured, nobody will get your data from  us. We take steps to ensure that our “back end” database is secure and off limits to  prying eyes or keyboards. No one will get access to your book. Once we download it to our server and print it, we delete our local copy, and the cloud version is secured by a couple of highly effective web security systems. We have to say though, that we’re not responsible for any breach of security by an outside party. We use reasonable precautions to protect against this sort of thing, but everybody knows that there’s no   such thing as 100% security on the  internet.

Google AdWords

Snapeas uses the Google AdWords remarketing service to advertise to third-party vendors, including Google, which use cookies to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to our application. These ads may contain cookies. Cookies received through these ads are collected by our ad company, and we do not have access to this information. For further information regarding the privacy practices of our advertisement provider, please visit

You may opt out of the automated collection of information by third-party ad networks for the purpose of delivering advertisements tailored to your interests, by visiting the consumer opt-out page for the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising at and edit or opt-out your Google Display Network ads’ preferences at