Our Snapeas app is built to run on apple's iPhone and iPad devices.but we know that many of you love your Android phones and use them all the time for taking photographs. Does that mean you can't make a Snapeas book  from your Android photos?

Not really, at least if you happen to have access to an Apple iPad. We know of many Android phone users who also love their iPads for tablet applications. And if they don't have one oftentimes their spouse or one of the kids will. So, if this situation describes you, here's how to get it done:

The key ingredient is a Dropbox account. If you're not familiar with Dropbox, it's a cloud-based resource for storing and sharing files of many types including  photos. There is a monthly fee associated with a user account but it is priced competitively to most of the other options. In a nutshell, Dropbox is going to act  as a temporary storage location for you to deposit the photos that you took with your Android and then download them to your iPad where you will construct your Snapeas book. 

More specifically, you should install the Dropbox app onto your Android phone. Then select the shots you want to put into book form and use the app to upload them to a Dropbox folder that you have set up for that purpose.

With that step complete you can then hop onto your Apple iPad (which will also need to be running the Dropbox app) to do the reverse process. Use the app to navigate to the folder that holds your photos, then click on each one and use the export menu item to individually "save" them. After downloading, the photos will be placed into your Apple photos library on your iPad. Once they are all there, you can use Snapeas to select them from within the photos library and make your book. It takes a little time to individually select and download 20 to 24 photos this way (being able to auto download all the photos in a folder would be more efficient, were that possible). But it is not complicated and it's well worth it since you will then have access to the power and utility of the Snapeas book making capabilities!

So, welcome all Android users to the world of Snapeas! We can't wait to serve you. Grab your iPad and give it a try.