Although Snapeas is all about helping you get your photo memories into printed book form, we recognize the benefits of having "all things digital" as well.  If we can provide you with an electronic copy (known generally as an e-book) of your Snapeas books, it gives you a chance to share that book over the web with friends and family who may not have a chance to see the hard copy.  In addition, it's pretty cool to pop open the e-book version of your latest Snapeas creation and thumb through it on your phone or iPad with a friend over coffee.

So that's what we've done. More specifically we've elected to create, for each Snapeas book you make, an electronic replica in Apple's own iBook format.  One primary reason for choosing iBooks over a more generic e-book rendition is that every Apple i-device (iPhone, iPad, iMac) comes with the Apple iBooks app pre-loaded. So when we send you the link to your latest Snapeas iBook, you won't have to download a third party e-reader.  Rather, you click on the link and it will open up in iBooks, where it will remain as part of your iBooks personal library.  

One thing you can't do is "send" one of your iBooks to someone else directly from your library.  Guess that might upset some authors who wouldn't be getting any royalties from for iBooks they sell.  If you do a good job of saving the emails we send you with the iBooks LINK, however, you can forward those emails to anybody you care to share your Snapeas iBooks with.  Just bear in mind that those same recipients can "forward your forward", and so on. So ask your recipients to not share with others unless they get your permission ahead of time.

We'll have more to say about the world of iBooks, but we hope you'll experiment and think of clever uses for your own Snapeas iBooks. (Can you spell "product catalog"...)

Best wishes,