While I was grocery shopping today, I saw a sign urging me to “Support our local farmers”. That’s a good idea. There’s a lot to be said for “buying local”. I try to do that as often as I can. Then I thought, how about supporting our local photobook producers? That would be us.


“But”, I hear you say, “you’re not local.”. Well, we are, in a way. We provide the same quality product and guarantee your satisfaction just like we would if you stopped in to see us. We provide the same customer service whether you’re in our town or in another state. We’ll talk to you anytime you call. We don’t care if you’re in Long Island or California. We’ll respond to your emails, and take your suggestions for improvements to our app or our process.


As an example, the newest version of Snapeas was driven by several suggestions from our users. Want to select the cover image for your book? Want to have a caption that lets you start a new line? Ever wonder how many picture have been selected from any particular photo album? Can the confirmation email include the book title? How about filling in the caption with the location/landmark name? (This is the optional “Auto caption” feature. Try it.)


We’ve hand-delivered books to ensure they meet a deadline. (Of course that’s kind of tough if you’re in Idaho.) We’ve helped a lady in Texas track down a mis-delivered book. We’ll do pretty much whatever it takes to make you happy and satisfied with your Snapeas books.


So yes, we are local to you, wherever that is!