About Us



Snapeas, The iPhone Photo Book App,  is the creation of Ben Barlow and Glenn Alexander.  Both of us share interests in photography, printing and mobile technologies.  We've combined our vision and skills into a united effort to produce an easy-to-use photo book creator app that lets non-experts build handsome books directly from the photos on their phone. Glenn has lots of creative product ideas, but it's really Ben who does the heavy lifting of app development.


Together with two other investors, in late 2015 we established Lake Effect Solutions LLC as the corporate entity.  responsible for product development, sales and support relating to Snapeas and follow-on products.  As long time residents of the Rochester, NY area-- where there really is a fair amount of "lake effect" snowfall--we all have backgrounds in the deeply rooted imaging /printing industry of Upstate NY.


A good photo book app is only a means to an end.  Ultimately our customers expect to receive a lasting artifact of their memorable images, in the form of a professionally produced hardbound book with superior photographic printing on every page.  Glenn's other business is pixelPRESERVE LLC which specializes in digital image capture, printing and book production, so it falls to him to make sure that the finished product is of the highest quality.  pixelPRESERVE fulfills some of the Snapeas orders, but we are qualifying other suppliers as well to keep up with demand.


This is the easy part:.  For questions relating to anything from technical support to billing, reach us through email at:

ben@snapeas.net; glenn@snapeas.net

You can also call us on our landline, shared for now with pixelPRESERVE: 585-360-0192

You will hear back from us in one business day or less.

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